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Green, Blue & Digital Partnerships

Planet Partnerships believes that governments and the private sector can and should work in partnership to create vibrant communities and sustainable infrastructure.


We are passionate about helping governments and investors structure and finance successful projects that change the status quo by integrating technology and finance.


Be it building “Smart Cities”, reducing carbon emissions, or improving underperforming public services, Planet Partnerships offers innovation, insight, and solutions to all of our clients.  Partnerships work better. 

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 our  core 


Creating Enabling Environments & Regulatory Frameworks


Green, Blue, & Digital Partnerships

Designing Financial Innovations For Development

Strengthening Municipal Services, Finance, & Decentralization

Bringing Investors, Financiers, &




Planet Partnerships, LLC is a HUBZone-certified, small business exclusively dedicated to advising governments, international financial institutions (IFIs), and private investors identify, structure, finance, and implement investments and partnerships in every sector. Planet Partnerships helps clients create policies, enabling frameworks, and transactions that foster  “Green Growth”, financial sustainability, and improve the lives of citizens in all countries. 

Conducting operations from offices in Washington, D.C., New York City, London, and Bali, Indonesia, Planet Partnerships is a specialized boutique that understands the economic, financial, legal, and environmental solutions to challenging and complex problems in governance and infrastructure. We provide a menu of technical options to create partnerships and help governments attract private investors and finance to solve public service problems. We advise on creating the enabling environment to attract investors and the analytical tools necessary to design and implement successful investments in energy, transportation, water, solid waste, and municipal services. We are innovators that leverage technology and finance to develop GREEN, BLUE and DIGITAL PARTNERSHIPS to make governments more responsive, infrastructure more competitive, economies more dynamic, and the planet more resilient.

Planet Partnerships provides our Clients with specialized products, including:





Planet Partnerships' core competencies and technical expertise are cross-cutting and innovative, offering all of our clients a refreshing alternative to challenging problems in economic growth, infrastructure, social development, employment, finance,  energy, environment, and climate change.

  • PPP and investment legal, regulatory, and policy framework design

  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, and viability studies

  • Blended finance and results-based financing assessments and design

  • Financing facility and fund design and operation

  • Municipal finance analysis and strategies

  • Investment development, toolkits, matchmaking, and roadshows

  • Transaction advisory support

  • Infrastructure fund design and operation

  • Bid and tender packages, model contracts, and financial models

  • Pro-Poor and Green Growth policies and strategies

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