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Green  &  blue


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Planet Partnerships specializes in 5 services across each core Practice Area, with focus on the following sectors: 

WASH, Tourism, Energy, Waste, Urban, Social, Health, Transport, ICT, and Agriculture 

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Water, Sanitation,

& Hygiene


Services in Green & Blue Finance



  • Advising on legislative approaches to authorize the issuance of green bonds


  • Amending institutional mandates and legislative requirements to promote and mainstream the utilization of sustainable finance

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strengthening  governance

&  enabling  environments

preparing  transactions

&  investment  analysis


  • Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards into transaction design to ensure eligibility for sustainable finance


  • Applying ESG screening and prioritization criteria to project pipelines to promote transactions eligible for sustainable financing

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designing  funds 

&  financial  strategies


  • Designing green bond programs to finance resilient infrastructure


  • Designing financial products for green and blue economy SMEs 

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facilitating  dialogue

&  Investor  matching


  • Matching sustainable finance instruments and ESG investors with eligible projects, fostering a localized ecosystem of supply-demand for green and blue partnerships


  • Mainstreaming green and blue finance across government investment planning

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advancing  human  capital

&  innovation


  • Integrating sustainable finance objectives and targets in national and subnational infrastructure and service delivery planning


  • Raising awareness of mechanisms and tools for attracting sustainable finance and preparing beneficiaries for ESG standards

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Explore our work in Green & Blue finance.

An introduction to a Case Study project is followed by other recent project samples.

Indonesia - MCC





case   study

Planet Partnerships was engaged on a contract under the $325 million Green Prosperity Program to provide services in 3 phases. 

other  work

IFC (SADC Member States)



Planet Partnerships was engaged by the IFC and the SADC Secretariat to analyze and prioritize key infrastructure investment projects in the transport, water, energy, and municipal services sectors and then provide transaction preparation support for the shortlisted projects.




  • Developed a screening and prioritization criteria and methodology for application to the master list of projects across the SADC region.

  • Screened and prioritized 42 projects across a variety of sectors in the member-states.

  • Prepared a shortlist of 5 projects, based on the results of the screening, to prepare for potential transaction.


MCA (Indonesia)



Planet Partnerships was engaged by the Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia to review, screen, restructure, rank, and prepare action plans for the Green Prosperity Project’s portfolio of renewable energy and natural resource alternative development projects.




  • Provided investor matchmaking services to attract financing to the US$150 million portfolio of projects.

  • Designed the Clean Green Fund, a US$50 million blended finance development facility.

  • Designed the Palm Oil Financing Facility, a US$100 million credit enhancement facility to support small farmers.

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