our services

We work side by side with our clients to make partnerships happen. Our teams of Economists, Financial Analysts, Lawyers, Urban Planners, Environmentalists, and Social Development Experts work around the world and around the clock to help governments and private investors meet their objectives.


We offer independent advice and are proud of our creative approaches to problem solving. We want to design solutions that are pioneering today and replicated tomorrow.

We want the world to be a smarter, cleaner, greener, and more efficient place. At Planet Partnerships, we do that by providing the following key services:





We design policies, legislation, and regulations to attract investors to make long-term financial commitments. Our policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks balance the needs of investors and consumers and protect and preserve the environment in the energy, transportation, industrial, tourism, and financial sectors.


green, blue  &  digital Partnerships


We look at investments differently than most. We see value and opportunity beneath the surface. We are experts in developing economic and financial models that help governments make sound investment and policy choices.


Our skills are unique in structuring and implementing GREEN and BLUE projects that balance environmental sustainability and economic growth. We help clients use technology and finance to digitize government in any way possible.





We design strategies to finance infrastructure in challenging situations. We use blended finance and results-based financing approaches to make projects happen and develop creative solutions to leverage investment, pool capital, and help low-income groups gain access to finance.


We pioneered financial engineering and infrastructure funds in emerging markets and are now doing it in the green, blue, and digital markets. We assess infrastructure finance options, structure project finance (including debt, equity, and credit enhancement strategies), develop infrastructure funds, and use blended finance to attract capital in green, blue, and digital finance.


municipal  services, FINance  &



We advise municipalities on strategies to attract investment and enhance efficiency. We prepare analysis and business plans for municipalities to commercialize services, increase revenue, and unlock value in underperforming assets.


We help municipalities improve their creditworthiness and their relationships with their citizens and the business community. We build municipal partnerships to last!


investors, financiers

&  Governments



Governments need the private sector to finance projects. Investors and financiers are looking for the right partners and the right projects. Planet Partnerships brings governments and investors together to maximize results.


We help turn investment ideas into reality through our understanding of technology, finance, and infrastructure. We enable and empower our Clients to make “it” happen!